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Schritt 1 von 5 : Anzeige wählen

Schritt 1 : Anzeige wählen

Simply select the newspaper, section and type of advertisement/announcement you would like to buy. Look out for the option to advertise in more than one publication.

Schritt 2 von 5 : Anzeige gestalten

Schritt 2 : Anzeige gestalten

Design your announcement or advertisement: Type in the text and upload an image (if applicable) and preview what your advertisement / announcement looks like. You will also need to select the date of publication at this stage. If you book a display ad, you will need to supply your copy separately before the copy deadline. We will not remind you about copy deadlines. You will need to employ a pre-flight company which will incur an additional charge. Delivery methods are listed here.

Copy deadlines are different depending on the title and the section. Deadlines are listed under the heading "Sizes and Specs" here.

Schritt 3 von 5 : Anmelden

Schritt 3 : Anmelden

If you have not already registered an account with us, you will need to provide us with some personal/company information, If you do have an account simply login. Its at this point you will need to confirm and approve your advertisement/announcement to ensure it is correct.

Schritt 4 von 5 : Prüfen und Bestellen

Schritt 4 : Prüfen und Bestellen

Pay for your advertisement or announcement. As a private customer this will be via a vaild debit or credit card.

Schritt 5 von 5 : Bestätigung

Schritt 5 : Bestätigung

Your advertisement/announcement is complete.